Over the last few years, we have sensed a refocusing in the church worldwide from a central event called church to a body fully equipped to be the church throughout the week. This refocused body meets regularly together in small and large groups to hear teaching and preaching and for prayer, worship and fellowship, but those meetings are not the members of the body’s primary function.  Each member is equipped and confident to walk out their God given purpose as the leadership of the church serves and develops them.  See Eph 4:11-16, Eph 2:8-10.  From this sensing, and our experience of humbly walking this out in a local body, the heart for Be Missional was birthed.  

Be Missional is all about inspiring and equipping people to see the mission field around them and to strategically and practically reach it, while living their normal lives. We will work to inspire individuals and local churches to be missional through media, conferences, and training program, with an ultimate goal of inspiring international apostolic movements.  We believe we will see 100 million missionally focused believers, envisioned, trained, equipped and sent into their mission field over the next 25 years.

We are called to inspire from the side, and to build a very flexible mobile organization.  We will be the faceless servants who build up the body any way we can.

At this beginning stage, we need to focus on networking and building.  Won't you join the movement?







Upcoming Trips

Here is a list of the tentative trips scheduled in the near future.


Winter 2022

Helping local leaders reach the world around them through encouragement, equipping and support.


Summer 2022

Reconnecting with local churches and pastors to build a network of like minded missionally focused groups.


Fall 2022

Prayerfully seeking an opportunity to serve local churches and reach this nation for Christ.